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                                                      Sam & Jane Buck

About Jane Buck

 ~ For the past 25 years I've been blessed to live on this beautiful San Juan Island with my family and extended family and friends. I live with my husband, Sam, who continues to be my best friend, teacher and wonderful loving husband since 1978. We are so grateful to have raised two incredible sons, John and Charlie. Our family has now expanded to include John’s lovely wife, Laura (from New Zealand) and their two beautiful children Indigo and Solomon. These children are now 4th generation islanders!

I have always followed my passion for finding stones and beautiful natural interesting items along beaches and rivers, wherever I have lived or visited - whether it be Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, CA, or on this precious island. I feel joy in arranging found items into new shapes and also feeling the beauty and spirit or essence of an item on an energetic level. I am especially drawn to honoring the heart energy in what is created, so that whoever is attracted to these designs may also feel the wonder of nature, be touched from the heart and healed and uplifted in the spirit. I find that photography gives me a wonderful medium from which to share these artistic designs.

Some more about my journey - Co-creator, Staff Member, Polarity Practitioner, Vegetarian Chef, Teacher of Polarity Therapy 1978 – 1988. Several locations; The Polarity Institute at Doe Bay, Orcas Island, WA; The Royal Vegetarian Restaurant & Spa, Calistoga, CA;  Rancho Sierra Vegetarian Motel & Spa; Murrieta Hot Springs Vegetarian Resort & Spa, Murrieta, CA.

- Polarity Practitioner & Co-Creator of Lavendera Day Spa 2004 – 2007, Friday Harbor, WA.

- Studying and practicing Polarity Therapy energy principles since 1978, adding Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Energy Psychology - EFT, Reiki, Healing Stones, Color and several other energy therapies, as well a deeply relaxing and energizing Ayurvedic Steam Tent with Face Glow Treatment.

- Enjoying a Lacto-Vegetarian diet since 1978.

- A Vegetarian Chef at all of our restaurants during my 10 years as a staff member with our non-profit polarity therapy organization. Our popular Tofu Nuggets Breading Mix was inspired by a similar recipe which was served in our restaurants to our families, guests and students from all around the world.

- Kubatana Marimba Ensemble member with a loving group of friends, most who have been playing since 1994. We recently released our first CD, “From the Heart”, available for purchase here on our website.

I’m so grateful for the friends who continue to support me in my journey,  and for my teachers over the years; my loving husband & children; Dr. Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy; Gary Craig, founder of  EFT;  Jerry and Esther Hicks of Abraham-Hicks; James Hubbell - master artist, Michael Breez, my marimba teacher, and the list goes on and on...... 


About Sam Buck

 ~ My father was born and raised on San Juan Island. I loved growing up here and feel very grateful for the gift of being able to raise my family here. I left in 1976 and came back in 1987.

I have a background in small farming, running heavy equipment, commercial fishing, restaurant ownership, and resort restoration / operation. I was a full time holistic health practitioner with a non-profit vegetarian organization for over 10 years and we still enjoy keeping up with the current trends in that field.

In August of 1988, I became a Realtor. For 30 years, my father had the largest and most successful real estate company in these islands. My younger brother had taken over the business and so, with "real estate in my blood", it seemed like a natural move. I put in a lot of time and effort into building my business and within a few years I became one of the most successful Realtors in my office and have been a top agent since 1993.

I have always been a solution oriented, positive thinker and I have always loved helping people. "Give good service in whatever you do and success will follow." I live by that saying and it seems to work.

Sam Buck Jr., Real Estate Sales Associate, Top 1% Nationwide, Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands Inc., 105 Spring Street, P.O.Box 100 Friday Harbor, WA 98250, (800) 451-9054 TOLL FREE, (360) 378-2101 BUSINESS, (360) 378-2998 FAX, (360) 317-6277 CELL, E-MAIL



"Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms."                                        Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981), Founder of Polarity                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Planet Grateful * PO Box 2567 * Friday Harbor, WA * 98250     360.378.1081