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by Sam Buck

 Inspirational Book


     Copyright 2010   Planet Grateful Publications

“Just as you reach for the telephone it rings and the very person you were intending to call is on the other end. You know that was more than a co-incidence!


What is the medium that allows such an event to happen? How can we learn about it if we keep pretending that it doesn't exist?


You know there is so much more to life. You know that it is not contrary to your beliefs. You know that we are connected and you want to gain more insight into those dynamics.


A paradigm shift is happening right now and it is wonderful to see it unfolding.


I invite you to read just a few pages from anywhere in this simple book. It is either a match or it is not.


You are an amazing being, feel it and believe it."





 We All Have a Purpose for Being Here

by Jean Hendrickson   2005

Autographed book $15 plus $4 s&h

Illumina Publishing ISBN: 978-0-9718600-4-9


“If you have ever wondered how a spiritual teacher and leader got to where he or she is today, this book will be something for you to enjoy. Jean Hendrickson tells her life story, and through the telling we learn about her spiritual processes, challenges, and journeys-and they have been many!

Her working life has taken her through being a wife, mother, secretary, massage therapist, counselor, advocate, spiritual healer and teacher, channel, minister and wedding officiant. What a delightful model she provides for those who want to find their life purpose. Some of the stories she tells about events coning together “just in time” are truly inspirational. In the latter part of the the book, Jean shares some stunning spiritual pearls and wisdom, as well as offering personal daily routines and resources for other spiritual travelers to explore.

If you are ready to be challenged, if you are ready to be inspired, if you are ready to stand up and go about your life’s work with a new vision and new energy, read this book!”

                                     Krysta Gibson – Publisher, New Spirit Journal 2007


Living In A Nursing Home

by Jean Hendrickson




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