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You live Your Life
As An Artist
On a Plane So Divine
and So In Step with Nature.
Your Collections Open My Eyes
And Touch My Heart.
Patricia Franks Crockett
"Jane has the most amazing eye for design and beauty. Her cards are incredibly beautiful, meaningful and aesthetically pleasing. She puts her heart into what she does and the outcome is fabulous!"
Maryellen Foster

"Congratulations on your successes! Your photography is gorgeous, artful, gentle, and full of simple energy. I loved gazing at your photos!"

Karen Bales

"By the way, I love going into GB and seeing your cards right as I walk in--the array of bright colors make me smile and draws me in for a closer look only to admire the thought and feeling each one beholds.  Additionally, I always see a card or two of yours in at least one customer's hand.  Special stuff Jane, keep it up! "
Danny Herbert
"Anytime I need a card for any occasion, I go to Griffin Bay Bookstore and I always find the perfect card from the Jane Buck Collection."
Cynthia  Elliot 
"Jane's cards are magnificent! They are my absolute favorites. I feel more beautiful just looking at them! She combines the colors of sea, earth and sky, and magically arranges delicious friuts, vegetables and flowers to create magical works of art. They are truly gifts of Love. Thank you, Jane."
Chetana Michaan, Professional Actress

       "Jane follows her inspiration wherever she travels, finding lovely connections in nature to infuse her artful way of bringing them to life through photography."

Sam R. Buck

 "Jane’s cards are a staff favorite and we enjoy selling them in our store.  Our enthusiasm for their unique beauty must show, because we sell more of her cards than any others.  They are exquisite and personal – Jane puts thought into every step of the production of each individual card, including their display.  Many times I look over to find Jane quietly reviewing and rearranging her card rack before slipping out the door to carry on with her day.  It is a testament to her talent and dedication that she takes such care to produce only the finest art form possible."

Laura Norris, Owner Griffin Bay Bookstore                 

155 Spring Street, Friday Harbor, WA 98250  360.378.5511


  “I want to tell you that I really love your art.  I appreciate the good feelings each piece of art has embedded within it and the message of hope or comfort it sends to the viewer.”        

 Danny Herbert, Photographer




            “Take the word “earth” and scramble the letters.  Within it you will find “heart”.  Jane’s genius transforms our earth’s treasures into the heart of her art.  “Jane,” says the earth, “here are some lovely stones, shells, driftwood, flowers, fruit, all abundant from my world – make something magnificent from me”.  And she does!  Jane has an “eye”-tened awareness of nature, using balance and harmonic symmetry to her myriad, magical art photographs.  What she receives, she re-creates, and returns that love back to the earth.  Her beautiful images burst forth with rainbow colors and design.  She clearly uses the best of both words (I mean worlds), “earth and heart”.


Bill Ament, Owner of Dance Happy & Bill & Rita Aments Summer & Creative Arts Day Camp



            "The beauty of nature captured in Jane's cards speaks of peace, celebration and/or praise -- perfect for the many occasions for which we have purchased them."                                                               



Alice Acheson Marketing/Publicity Specialist
Friday Harbor, WA




    I cannot express how touched I am by your work.  I purchased 4 cards on Friday.  Shared those cards with coworkers who said they just "had" to go to the bookstore and buy some.  Your cards have so much love and energy in them.  They are so --so special.  Having taken a couple of classes with you, I can appreciate the way they mirror who you are.

    I gave one of the 'heart' cards to my husband upon my return.  He typically is not a big card least not the typical Hallmark kind.  He loves homemade things.  When he opened your card, he said "THIS is so beautiful" -- I could see how much he was moved.  It perfectly captured the love I feel for him. 

    So thank you for sharing your art.  I cannot wait to get back to FH on Thursday and purchase some additional cards.  I've already sent out my stash!!!

    Your work is truly beautiful.” 



Lauren Franciosi


“Thank you and Happy Birthday!! 

    I bought another 8 of them last weekend.  I've already sent out two.  They have such good energy.  Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of's kind of like a ripple of love that goes out into the world."

Blessings to you,


Lauren Franciosi



            Jane Buck. “Humble, nature-al genius who behind the camera lense (as well as in person!) gives us glorious cards, photos, and pictures to calm and enjoy our world simply with love.”


Francie Hansen

Teacher, Recycled Naturals




“Now I ONLY buy Jane Buck Collection cards!”

Shelley Van Skyhawk

Van Skyhawk Coaching




“Jane Buck captures grace, peace, and beauty through the eye of the lense.”

 Laura Tuttle and Doug Tuttle, MD



            The images on Jane’s cards remind us to slow down, be more present and appreciate life's simple pleasures and treasures.  Her cards invite us to look a little closer for the hints of magic, to open our eyes to the infinite possibilities in nature and in life.  Soothing, calm, mystical, Jane’s thoughtful arrangements illuminate the abundant beauty close at hand in our daily lives."


Carol Youngquist



            “The images that Jane Buck captures of the awesome crystals and colors of light reflected from the crystals are dazzling. Each photo is unique and exquisite. They touch my heart and I feel inspired."   


Rev. Jean Hendrickson

        “I received a box set of Jane Buck's cards as a gift.  On each card Jane had captured a beautiful photo - so vivid one could put them in thick black frames (I've actually done this) and use them as wall art instead of cards because Jane's cards are never just "cards" they are works of art.  I choose to give the very special people in my life Jane Buck cards for their creative beauty and her ability to capture everyday things in a most glorious light - she truly has a gift for this. I wish Jane much success with her talents!  Forever a fan. " 

Diana Hogensen, Office Manager/Writer

"Thanks for your on going beautiful contribution to beauty on the planet." 

  Dierdre Morris

"I am devoted to the elegance, simplicity, and sacredness of Jane Buck's photographic cards! I am still a letter/card writer and feel there is nothing better than getting a beautiful card in the mail. I love that I can find a theme in Jane's cards that seem to suit each of my friends sensibilities. Thank you for your beautiful work and for continually adding new and inspiring cards to the collection."                                                                        


Deb Dawson



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Planet Grateful * PO Box 2567 * Friday Harbor, WA * 98250     360.378.1081